advice on new newsgroup/list?

Elizabeth H. Harris chlamy at
Thu Apr 29 13:07:47 EST 1993

There has been talk in recent weeks about organizing either a bionet. group
or a prototype mailing list for Chlamydomonas.  In response to an informal
query, I'm getting responses that range from "I don't know anything about
newsgroups and I'm happy the way I am" to "wonderful, great idea, time we
entered the 20th century."  I'd like to hear from people who were involved
in organizing this group and in getting the word out to the Arabidopsis
community.  How many e-mail readers do we need to justify creating a group?
 Have you found use of e-mail and other network tools has increased as a
result of your group?  Do people who don't use these tools find they're
being left out of important discussions?  Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your input!

Elizabeth Harris
chlamy at

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