bionet.Chlamydomonas? (Was: advice on new newsgroup/list?)

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Fri Apr 30 05:11:08 EST 1993

In article <chlamy-290493140522 at>, chlamy at (Elizabeth H. Harris) writes:
> There has been talk in recent weeks about organizing either a bionet. group
> or a prototype mailing list for Chlamydomonas.  In response to an informal
> query, I'm getting responses that range from "I don't know anything about
> newsgroups and I'm happy the way I am" to "wonderful, great idea, time we
> entered the 20th century."  I'd like to hear from people who were involved
> in organizing this group and in getting the word out to the Arabidopsis
> community.  How many e-mail readers do we need to justify creating a group?
>  Have you found use of e-mail and other network tools has increased as a
> result of your group?  Do people who don't use these tools find they're
> being left out of important discussions?  Any other suggestions?
> Thanks for your input!
> Elizabeth Harris
> chlamy at
It's nice to see that all the plant-related research communities are
converging on bionet.  First, came the Arabidopsis group, and then a more
general plant group (bionet.plants).  Just last week we successfully voted
in bionet.photosynthesis which will take over from the former Listserv
group (Photosyn at
  I believe that I am not the only person who reads ALL these groups (in
addition to many others) and I would happily add bionet.chlamydomonas
despite the obvious overlap (and potential duplicate postings).
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