David Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Dec 2 19:28:46 EST 1993

We are aware of continuing problems with duplicated messages and are
taking the BIOSCI system off-line from 5 PM Friday, 6 DEC, until
Monday AM.

The message duplication is caused by a relatively infrequent but
recurring file corruption problem that we have been experiencing with
our news message tracking database.  We will be doing a news system
software upgrade over the weekend.  All BIOSCI services including
e-mail, news, WAIS, Gopher, FTP archive access, etc. will be
inaccessible over the weekend, so here is your chance to take a short
break from e-mail overload 8-).

I am going to post this note to several of the more popular groups to
ensure that as many readers as possible see it.  My apologies if you
subscribe to several of these groups by e-mail - you will get one copy
for each group that you receive.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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