MSU est note

Thomas_C.Newman 22313TCN at MSU.EDU
Mon Dec 13 19:05:03 EST 1993

Dear colleagues,

The complete list of ESTs and clones has just been posted.  All of these have
been deposited in the dbEST database and are available from the Arabidopsis
Biological Resource Center at Ohio State.  Email of the ABRC is:

    arabidopsis+ at

This list includes the initial clones that were posted earlier this year.  As
a reminder, the homolog listing is JUST THE BEST GUESS of the gene function.
Score under 80 are considered not significant, 80-100 are marginal, >100 have
good potential for relatedness.  All of these are BLASTX scores.

Further information on specific ESTs can be obtained by sending a email to:

      retrieve at

Leave the subject line blank and place help in the body of the text.  You will
receive the full instruction for accessing the databases.  Included in the
MSU-EST list are the Accession # for the ESTs these are the easiest way to
retrieve an entry.  What I have listed as the best homolog may not match the
value in the EST entry at dbEST.  This can be due to different dates of
analysis, or the fact that I have taken into consideration the reading frame
for all clones that were made in an oriented library.

Tom Newman

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