diazinon granules

kearns at MIT.EDU kearns at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 15 19:01:15 EST 1993

Dear Colleagues,
In a recent message about pest control in growth rooms, diazinon was mentioned as no longer being available. I found 1 lb. canisters of diazonin granules at
Grower's Market in Cambridge, MA for US$5.59. Grower's Market can be reached at
1-800-638-7766. I don't know if they ship to all parts. Alternatively, one 
might contact the makers of diazonin granules at ORTHO, P.O. Box 5047, San
Ramon, CA 94583-0947. One note of caution. I have been told that diazonin in
a liquid form damages the leaves of Arabidopsis, so get the granules and
sprinkle them on the soil. Ellen Kearns kearns at mit.edu

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