A couple of jobs in Cambridge, England

Jim Haseloff jph at MRC-LMB.cam.ac.uk
Mon Dec 20 13:44:33 EST 1993

For the interest of any botanophilic job seekers, I've attached a copy of
an advertisement for two positions to work with Arabidopsis. The original
ad can be found in the December 16th issue of Nature. The positions will be
available at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England.
For those who haven't sampled the delights of life in this seething hub,
here's the spiel:

	The Laboratory of Molecular Biology supports the efforts of over 200
scientists with a wide range of research interests. Researchers are
arranged in many small-sized groups; this provides a flexible work
environment which encourages collaboration and there is a strong emphasis
on technical innovation. There are excellent facilities for X-ray
crystallography, NMR work, electron and various forms of light microscopy
and mass spectrometry. Researchers have access to a central parallel
processor through an extensive network of personal workstations. Tissue
culture rooms and plant and animal growth facilities are well provided, and
there are services for protein and nucleic acid synthesis and analysis. In
addition the Laboratory provides central media kitchens, stores,
instrumentation and electronics workshops, a photographic and illustration
department, library, computer bibliographic services, and a staff
	The Laboratory is located on next to Addenbrookes Hospital and Medical
School, on the edge of the historic city of Cambridge and with easy access
to many small country villages and their pubs. There is a recreation centre
open to laboratory workers and their spouses, with swimming pool, squash,
badminton and tennis courts, gym and bar. The Colleges and Departments of
the University of Cambridge are a short cycle ride away, in the centre of
the town. London is about one hour away by train (with frequent services
until late at night), or one and a half hours by motorway. The makings of
an idyllic lifestyle, really. Anyway, the text of the advertisement
follows. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need further details.

"Research Scientist and Scientific Officer positions available at the MRC
Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, England.

Applications are invited for both a research scientist (post-doctoral) and
scientific officer (graduate or equivalent) to work on the generation of a
library of plants for analysis of gene function in Arabidopsis thaliana.
The project is funded for 3 years by the AFRC and will involve
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation to produce enhancer-trap lines
containing the yeast transcription activator GAL4. Such lines will be
screened for the ability of GAL4 to drive the tissue-specific expression of
marker genes, including green fluorescent protein. Characterised
GAL4-containing lines will be useful for targeted misexpression of genes in
various reverse genetic approaches to the study of plant development.
Previous experience with molecular biological techniques and plant
transformation or analysis would be an advantage. Further details can be
obtained from Dr. Jim Haseloff, FAX +44-223-402008.

The appointment for the Research Scientist will be on the non-clinical
scientific salary scale in the range of 13,601 - 18,855 pounds p.a.,
depending on qualifications and experience. The Scientific Officer
appointment salary will be in the range of 11,138 - 16,168 pounds p.a.
depending on qualifications and experience. (about 1.5 US$ to the pound)

Applications, including a full C.V. and the names and addresses of two
professional referees should be sent by January 21st 1994 quoting reference
Sheila Jenkins, The Personnel Officer
Medical Research Centre, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2QH. UK."

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