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JIANWEI HUANG huangj at a1.esvax.umc.dupont.com
Wed Feb 1 14:55:43 EST 1995

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Postdoctoral Position
DuPont Environmental Biotechnology

	A  postdoctoral position will be available beginning May 
1, 1995, to use molecular genetic approaches to study the 
mechanisms of heavy metal transport in plants. Ph.D. in  botany, 
plant physiology, or plant genetics and molecular biology 
required. The successful candidate will  conduct research on 
screening, genetic and molecular analysis of Pb accumulating 
mutants of  Arabidopsis, and screening for Pb accumulating 
mutants of plant species demonstrated great stress tolerance on 
Pb-contaminated soils. This project is focused on developing  a 
plant-based technology to remediate heavy-metal contaminated 
soils. The applicant must have solid training in fundamental 
plant genetics and molecular biology with expertise in mutation 
and gene cloning techniques. Experiences with mutation and 
molecular genetic analysis of Arabidopsis is preferred. Knowledge 
of metal transport in plants is desirable. Salary will be 
commensurate with experience. The position is for up to 3 years 
and subject to annual renewal. Qualified individuals should send 
a statement of research interests, curriculum vitae, and the 
names, addresses and phone numbers of three references to Dr. 
Scott Cunningham, DuPont Central Research and Development, GBC- 
301, P.O. Box 6101,  Newark, DE 19714. For project details, 
contact Dr. Jianwei Huang, phone 302-451-9752, fax 302-451-9138, 
e-mail: huangj at esvax.dnet.dupont.com. 

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