Assembly Line software crashing

Colin Watson cwatson at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Thu Feb 2 12:07:26 EST 1995

Is anyone using the AssemblyLine software (Release 1.0.7) for the Mac and
having problems with it crashing when aligning large DNA sequences or
trying to save large contig projects.  This problem persists even after
increasing the minimum and preferred memory of the program. We think that
we have identified a potential conflict between the AssemblyLine software
and Ram Doubler. Try temporarily removing Ram Doubler from the extension
file of your system folder onto the desktop and rebooting and see if that
helps. Ram doubler seems to reduce the allocated memory of Assembly Line to
the minimum even when the memory allocated is locked and no other programs
are running. Any comments would be useful.

cwatson at

Colin Watson
University of Arizona,
Dept. Plant Sciences,
Forbes Building,
Arizona, 85721.

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