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*************To whom it may concern****************

 Maria L. Simonova    
Date of Birth :         March 21,1960. Moscow, Russia.  
Marital Status          unmarried,female  
Citizenship :           Russia 
Address : 
 home                                   work :   
4530 West Pine,#101                     Department of Biochemistry  
St.Louis, MO, 63108.                    and Molecular Biophysics 
tel. (314) 367-7209                     Washington University  
                                                School of Medicine 
                                                660 Euclid Ave. P.O.8231  
                                                tel.(314) 362-3350 
                                                Fax:(314) 362-7183  
                                                e-mail:Simonova at bcserv.wustl.edu

9/77-3/83               Faculty of Organic Chemistry, Department of
Microbiology, ,         
                        Mendeleev Moscow Chemico-Technological Institute,
Moscow, USSR.  
2/83            Diploma Mc.Sc. in Microbiology.  
4/90            Diploma of  Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.  
                        Engelgardt Institute of Molecular Biology,
Acad.Sci.USSR, Moscow, USSR.  
                        Ph.D.thesis: "Cloning and expression of the 3'-terminal
cistrons of 
potato virus 
                         X genome".                  
1983            Medal award for the best scientific student work , The Yearly
                        Union Contest.             
1994-Present    Washington University School of Medicine, St.Louis, MO.  
                        Research Associate in Biochemistry and Molecular
Biophysics Department.  
                        Research on methods and applications of plant and human
genome analysis 
                        using long and accurate PCR.  
1992-1994               Institute of Molecular Genetics, Russian Acad.Sci.,
                        Senior researcher in Department of Plant Molecular
                        Analysis of transgenic tobacco plants with expressed
bacterial nah C gene 
                        Pseudomonas putida, which encodes 1,2
digydroxinaphtalene dioxigenase.  
1990-1992               Moscow Agriculture Academy, Moscow, Russia. 
                        Senior researcher in Department of Biotechnology. 
                        Creation of transgenic potato plants possess high-level
resistance against  
                        herbicide glyphosate. 
1982-1990               Engelgardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Acad.Sci. of
1982-1985               Research Assistant, Laboratory of Genetic Engineering of
                        Research on 1) Cloning and expression of  potato virus X
coat protein in  
                        E.coli cells. 2) Cloning and analysis of primary
structure of Bacilus 
                        riboflavin biosynthesis genes. 
1985-1988               Ph.D. program ( joint project with Department of
Virology, Moscow 
                        Cloning and expression (in cell-free system) of two open
reading frames 
                        encoding putative 12K and 8K membrane-spanning proteins
of potato virus X.  
1988-1990               Researcher, (joint project with laboratory of
Immunochemistry and 
                        Hybridome Technology, All-Union Research Center of
Molecular Diagnostics  
                        and Therapy, Moscow, Russia.)  
                        Research on expression of a putative potato virus X
membrane-spanning 12K  
                        protein fused with Staphilococcus protein A in E.coli
Supervised 4 undergraduate students in laboratory work (1991-1994) and  
3 postgraduate students (1993-Present).  
Topics of the projects:  
1. Creation of potato transgenic plants expressed high level of mutant 
E.coli aro A gene.  
2. Creation of transgenic potato plant with improved viral  tolerance using 
bacterial Pseudomonas 
putida nah C gene.  
3. Molecular biological and biochemical analysis of hormonal balance in the 
cytokinine transgenic 
potato plants.       
Russian Agriculture Academy  
Society for biotechnology, physiology and biochemistry of agricultural 
Bacterial, plant and human nucleic acids isolation and analysis; Southern 
and Northern blotting 
techniques; DNA cloning and sequencing; agrobacterial transformation of 
plant (tobacco and  
potato leaf disc infection); long and accurate polymerase chain reaction 
(PCR); protein   
analyses: protein isolation and electrophoretic analysis, immuno-enzyme 
assay (ELISA); affinity 
chromatography; NPT-II assays (radioactive in situ assay for selective 
marker neomycin 
phosphotransferase II enzyme).  
1. Molecular cloning in bacterial vectors.  
2. Analysis of foreign gene expression in E.coli cells.  
3. Viral gene expression. 
4. Plant molecular biology. 
5. Analysis of foreign gene expression of transgenic plants.  
6. Immunoassay and diagnostics. 
Eleonora S. Piruzian (Professor)      
Head of Department of Plant Molecular Genetics 
Institute of Molecular Genetics 
Kurchatova pl.46, 123182 Moscow, 
FAX 7 095 196 02 21 
Tel.7 095 196 85 01 
e-mail:IMG at glas.apc.org. 
Sergey Yu. Morozov ( Dr.Sci.) 
Department of Virology, 
Moscow State University 
Leninskye gory , Moscow 117432, Russia. 
FAX 7 095 939 03 38 
TEL.7 095 939 53 67 
Irina N. Bespalova  ( Ph.D.) 
Institute of Immunology  of Russian Ministry of 
Current adress: 
The University  of  Michigan 
Mental  Health   Research Institute 205 
Lina Pitcher Place, Ann Arbor, USA, MI 48109-0720 
FAX 001 313 747 41 30 
TEL 001 313 747 21 86 

Dr. Igor V. Karpychev
Mount Sinai Medical Centre
One Gustave L. Levey place
New York, NY, 10029
Tel.: (212) 241-0982
Fax : (212) 860-1174
e-mail : ikar at msvax.mssm.edu
 1. Rosanov M.N., Simonova M.L., Pozmogova G.E. and Aprikyan P.G.,1988, 
genome: The complete sequence of potato virus X, IV International Workshop 
of Genetic, 
Albena (Bulgaria),Abstr.     
 2. Krayev A.S.,Morozov S.Yu.,Lukashova L.I.,Rosanov M.N.,Chernov B.K.,  
M.L.,Golova Yu.B.,Pozmogova G.E.,Belzelarskaya S.N. and Skryabin K.G.,1988, 
structure and model of organization of potato virus X genome. Dokl. Acad. Nauk 
 3. Mironov V.N.,Krayev A.S.,Ulianov A.V.,Golova Yu.B.,SimonovaM.L., Pozmogova 
G.E.,Gordeev V.K.,Skryabin K.G. and Stepanov A.S.,1989 Bacillus  subtilis  
biosynthesis genes: The complete  primary structure and  model of  
organisation., Dokl. Acad. 
Nauk USSR, v.305, n.2, pp.482-486.                 
 4. Miroshnichenko N.A.,Simonova M.L.,Zelenina D.A.,Fedorkin O.N. and Morozov 
S.Yu.,1990,In Vitro membrane binding  of the  translation products of two 
potato virus X  
small genes.  VIII  International congress of Virology, Berlin,p.376. 
 5. Lukashova L.I., Simonova M.L., Soloviev A.G., FedorkinO.N., Chernov B.K. 
and Morozov 
S.Yu. 1990. Constraction of translational vectors, containing cloning 
hydrophobic protein 
genes of X and M potato virus. All-Union  conference for Microbiological and  
Biotechtnological Approches for Intencification of Crop-production  and Animal 
Feed-production , Alma-Ata(USSR),p. 63.        
 6. Simonova M.L., Sveshnikov P.G.,Bespalova I.N. and  Skryabin K.G., 1992, 
Evidence for 
expression of a putative membrane-spanning 12K protein of potato virus X in 
Esherichia coli 
cells., Dokl. Acad. Nauk, Russia, v.322,n.5, pp.985-988.  
 7. Simonova M.L.,  Cabral-Escalante B.,  Mett V.L., Kobets N.S. and  
Piruzian E.S.,  Expression 
of a  bacterial  glyphosate-tolerance gene in  potato plants.,1994, 8th  
IUPAC  Congress  of 
Pesticide Chemistry, Washington, Abstr.,p.430.  
 8. Simonova M.L.,  Cabral-Escalante B.,  Mett V.L., Kobets N.S. and  
Piruzian E.S., New 
mutaton in E. coli EPSP-synthase gene results high level of 
glyphosate-tolerance of transgenic 
tobacco and potato plants, is presented in Plant Molecular Biology.  
 9. Mett V.L.,Kobets N.S., Simonova M.L., and Piruzian E.S., Trangenic 
tobacco plants with 
expressed bacterial nah C gene from Pseudomonas putida. is presented in 
Genetica (Russia).  

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