Deadline for DOE Energy Biosciences preproposals

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Tue Feb 14 19:50:15 EST 1995

     This is a reminder that preproposals for basic
     plant science research support at US institutions
     are due the end of February.  The US Department of
     Energy's program in Energy Biosciences funds
     research in most areas of basic, mechanistic plant
     biology and fermentative microbiology.  The
     preproposals are used to ensure that the proposed
     work fits within the mission of the program and to
     limit the number of proposals to ensure a
     reasonable funding rate (the full proposals are due
     the first week in June).  Despite some rumors of
     DOE's imminent demise, the level requested in the
     President's budget (approx. $30 million) should
     permit the funding of a number of new activities. 
     While the program has traditionally had strong
     programs in photosynthesis, plant cell walls, plant
     metabolism and gene regulation, we are actively
     seeking highly innovative proposals in other
     research areas as well.  Mechanistic studies
     focused on root biology and rhizosphere
     interactions are particularly encouraged.  A
     general description of the program and abstracts of
     projects presently supported can be viewed by
     Mosaic or Netscape at:
     There is no specific format for the preproposals
     which should simply be a one to two page letter. 
     Please include your name and address, a concise
     statement of long-term objectives, your
     objective(s) for the next three years and the
     general approach you plan to use in addressing
     these objectives as well as how such data may
     enhance our basic understanding.  There is no need
     for a budget or biography.
     The preproposals may be sent to:
     (For regular mail)
     Division of Energy Biosciences
     ER-17, GTN
     Department of Energy
     Washington, D.C. 20585
     (For express mail)
     Division of Energy Biosciences
     ER-17, GTN
     Department of Energy
     19901 Germantown Rd.
     Germantown, Maryland 20874
     They may be faxed to: (301) 903-1003
     Or E-mailed to:   greg.dilworth at  
           or to:           
     james.tavares at

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