Joanne Chory joanne_chory at QM.SALK.EDU
Thu Feb 23 11:01:51 EST 1995

                      Subject:                              Time:  2:08 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         NAASC NEWS                            Date:  2/22/95

I am writing on behalf of the NAASC with the following news:

Joanne Chory (Salk Institute) and David Meinke (OSU) have agreed to act as
co-chairs of the NAASC.  We are replacing Fred Ausubel who was chair of NAASC
during 1994.  Rob Last (Boyce Thompson Inst) has agreed to act as the North
American representative to the Multinational Steering Committee.  The
committee has decided that from now on the two most "senior" NAASC members
will act as co-chairs.  Thus, next year's co-chairs will be Mark Estelle and
Gloria Coruzzi, with Rob Last and Pam Green slated for 1997.  
The current committee is now acting (with Rick Amasino) as the program
committee for the meeting in Madison in June.   If you have any questions
concerning the meeting, please contact one of us.  Also, if you have any
community issues that you would like to be addressed in the future, please
feel free to contact a member of NAASC at any time.

Joanne Chory for the NAASC 
(Dave Meinke, Gloria Coruzzi, Mark Estelle, Pam Green and Rob Last).    

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