NSF funding for Arabidopsis Database

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Tue Oct 10 15:09:08 EST 1995

I am happy to inform you that the award statement from NSF for the
Arabidopsis Database Project at Stanford arrived last month.  As part
of this project the AAtDB database (maintained by John Morris and
Howard Goodman at MGH, Boston) will be moved to Stanford.  We will be
developing new software for maintaining and distributing Arabidopsis
information - more on this as the project develops.

The project is underway -- in the setup phase.  I have a new computer
on order, a programmer, Fabien Petel (fabien at genome.stanford.edu), has
joined the project, and the head curator will soon be hired.  I hope
to have the Arabidopsis WWW, Gopher, and FTP resources moved to
Stanford within a month or two, depending on when the new server
arrives.  More on this move once the final transition plans have been


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