junk mail

Chris Town cdt2 at PO.CWRU.EDU
Fri Oct 13 14:31:07 EST 1995

I agree with Wolf-Dieter that we might have some discussion concerning 
moderation. It seems to me that at the present level of posting, moderation 
would not be a great chore. Someone like myself who reads his mail most days 
could do it quite easily.  On the other hand, it is not much effort, as 
Chris S says, to simply throw it out completely so that it doesn't take up 
drive space.

I think the impertinence of these postings bothers me more. Ideally there 
should be some mechanism for disuading these unwelcome entrepreneurs from 
invading our space. Maybe if we each sent 100 replies to each ad. they would 
get the message.

I also notice that this last batch of junk comes from uiuc.edu. This is not 
a legitimate use of a university account. Perhaps someone should alert the 
administrator of that network to close this culprit's account.

Chris Town.

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