Information Request- Mutagenesis

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Fri Oct 20 13:51:06 EST 1995

Dear Fellow Arabinauts,

	We are preparing a protocol chapter on Seed Mutagenesis 
of Arabidopsis, focusing on non-biological mutagens.  We are 
aware of a number of excellent recent reviews on mutagenesis 
in Arabidopsis.  The intent of this chapter is to provide a 
very practical, hands-on, guide to conducting mutagenesis 
	We would like to ask people to share their 
experiences, favorite references, and techniques.  We are 
especially interested in hearing from those of you using 
mutagens other than EMS.  We are also interested in your 
preferred method of determining mutagen dosage and in what 
way (what phenotypes you score) you estimate mutation rate in 
your population. Finally, we would like to hear any thoughts 
you might have regarding population size required to identify 
mutations in your process of interest.
	Please reply by personal E-mail 
(lightnje at and if there is interest we 
will attempt to summarize and post what we hope will be a 
deluge of responses.
			Thank you,
			Jonathan Lightner
			Tim Caspar
			Central Research and Development
			P.O. Box 80402
			Wilmington, DE  19880-0402

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