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>Does anybody knows if the nos promoter is active in Agrobacterium. We are
>using a binary vector which has a nptII gene driven by the nos promoter for
>selection of plants on kanamycin. The vector has strep/spec resistance for
>selection of Agrobacterium and E. coli containing the plasmid. In one
>experiment, we transfected the Agro (which is kanamycin sensitive but
>gentamycin resistant) with the vector and selected by mistake with
>kanamycin and gentamycin...but the Agrobacterium grew well. We later
>checked and the right plasmid was present in Agro. The only explanation I
>have right now is that the nos promoter is active in Agro. Is this a known
>fact? If so, could somebody point a refernce to me?

E. coli and Agrobacterium carring the pGA482 binary vector (nos-nptII) can 
be maintained with tet and 10 micro g/ml of kanamycin in their culture 
medium.               Methods in Enzymology vol.153 p294

The concentration of kan depends on the type of nos promoter and ori.
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