ARMS polymorphisms with WS ecotype

SM Rutherford smr7 at
Tue Oct 31 06:04:32 EST 1995

Dear Arabnetters,

I have recently mapped a mutation, isolated from the Feldmann T-DNA lines, 
using the ARMS markers of Fabri and Schaeffner on a WS/Ler cross. Here is 
the data for the WS polymorphisms in case anyone finds it useful.

Happy mapping,

Steve Rutherford,

Biology Dept.
York University,
smr7 at

Marker	Chromosome	WS band size	Polymorphic to Col or Ler

m322	1		not tested
m241	1		4.67 kb		Col AND Ler (novel size)
m235	1		11.6 kb		Col
m402	1		7.8 kb		Ler
m254	1		4.67 kb		Ler
m315	1		2.7 kb		Col
m453	1		7.5 kb		Col
m132	1		5.3 kb		Col

m246	2		2.16 kb		Ler
m497	2		6.5 kb		Col
m283	2		not tested
m551	2		not tested
m336	2		9.9 kb		Ler

m560B1	3		1.7 kb		Ler
m560B2	3		1.6 kb		Ler
m429	3		5.7 kb		Ler
m409	3		3.8 kb		Ler
m457	3		12.3 kb		Col
m424	3		4.58 kb		Ler

m456	4		3.6 kb		Ler
m448	4		8.9 kb		Ler
m518	4		8.1 kb		Ler
m210	4		not tested
m326	4		4.24 kb		Ler
m557	4		not tested
d104	4		2.5		Ler

m217	5		1.76 kb		Ler
m291	5		2.1kb (I think)	Ler
m247	5		12.7 kb		Ler
m558	5		8.8 kb		Ler
m211	5		not tested

All of these polymorphisms are for an Eco RI digestion, as per the 
original Fabri and Schaeffner paper.

If anyone disagrees with any of these findings, I'd be very grateful to 
hear from you. m291 on chromosome 5 was difficult to distinguish the Ler 
nband size from the Col size, but I think that the WS band was the same 
size as the Col band.

To my calculations, this means that, so far, 19 markers are usable in a 
WS/Ler cross; 7 are usable in a WS/Col cross.

Hope this proves useful to some people.

All the best,

Steve Rutherford.

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