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I am looking for a postdoctoral position in the field of plant molecular
biology, location in U.S. or Australia.
My interests include plant genetics, genome structure/evolution, and plant

I have 7 years of experience in the field of plant molecular genetics, am
literate, can communicate well, interact with others etc etc!
Short term appointments fine since I am willing to write grant proposals to
secure further funding. 

Ideas/suggestions/offers please to:
Dr Rob M. Ewing
Department of Plant Sciences
University of Oxford
E-mail: rmewing at

Scientific Skills

Experimental Proceedures

Genomic and cDNA libraries (YAC, Plasmid and bacteriophage) screening and
Southern analysis of plant (and mouse) genomic DNA,
Genetic mapping using RFLPs, RAPDs and microsatellites (in mouse),
Automated/manual DNA sequencing,
RNA analysis by both northern blotting and in situ hybridisation,
Fixation/embedding/sectioning of plant tissues
Transient expression of reporter gene fusions using a biolistics system.

Other Skills
Computer experience includes common WP, graphics and statistical analysis
packages for Mac/PC and molecular biology software such as the GCG programs
Teaching includes preparation/demonstration of undergraduate practical classes
and tutoring undergraduate students in molecular biology/plant biology.

1992-1996 Department of Plant Sciences,
South Parks Road, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.
PhD: The Rubisco small subunit gene family in the C4 plant maize (Zea mays):
Structure and Expression.
My project characterised the structure and expression of the multigene family
encoding the small subunit of Rubisco. This is an interesting problem since, in
C4 plants, photosynthetic genes are expressed in specific leaf cell types. The
molecular mechanisms underlying such expression patterns are largely unknown. I
addressed the question of whether different members of the small multigene
family encoding the small subunit participate equally in the development of the
C4 system.

1985-1989 University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, Avon,UK
Bsc (Hons) Applied Biology

Work Experience

1996- Department of Pharmacology, South Parks Road, University of Oxford,
Oxford, UK.
Currently working as a member of a team to positionally clone a mouse gene
involved in degeneration of neurones. This work involves construction of
contigs over the region of interest using P1 libraries. In addition,
recombinant individuals have been identified using microsatellite markers.

1990-1992 Cambridge Laboratory, John Innes Institute, Colney Lane, Norwich, UK
Research Assistant: Isolation of genes involved in flowering from the model
plant Arabidopsis thaliana.Member of a team isolating a gene, fca, controlling
flowering time in Arabidopsis thaliana. fca  was genetically mapped using a
combination of RFLP markers and RAPD markers and subsequently cloned by
chromosome walking.

"Cloning genes involved in floral induction in Arabidopsis thaliana"
Caroline Dean, Ian Bancroft, Anuj Bhatt, Jon Clarke, John Chandler, Gerda
Cnops, Rob Ewing, Emily Lawson, Clare Lister, Tania Page, Renate Schmidt, Lore
Flowering Newsletter 11, May 1991.

"The structure and expression of the RbcS gene family in the C4 plant maize
(Zea mays)".
(Submitted to The Plant Journal) Rob M.Ewing, Gareth I. Jenkins and Jane A.


Dr Jane A. Langdale (PhD Supervisor)
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of Oxford,
Tel:01865 275099
Fax: 01865 275147
E-mail: Jane.Langdale at

Professor Rachel Leech (PhD examiner)
Department of Biology,
PO Box No. 373
York YO1 5YW
Tel. 01904 432837
Fax. 01904 432860
Dr Gareth I.Jenkins
Department of Biochemistry
University of Glasgow
Tel: 0141 330 5906
Fax: 0141 330 4447
E-mail: gbca34 at

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