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Tue Dec 10 11:11:18 EST 1996

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  OFFICE MEMO          any interest/expertise                 Date:12/10/96

    The Amer. Soc. for Horticultural Science is planning to hold a workshop on
non-radioactive detection of nucleic acids (w/an emphasis for implementation
in a teaching environment) at their upcoming annual meeting in Salt Lake City,
Utah (July 22-26, 1997).

    We are looking for people with such experience (e.g., successes in
teaching or research that were developed by overcoming past failures), who are
willing to share these experience and their expertise --- especially those who
are ASHS members and/or others who are planning to attend the meetings.  I
assume we could get some company reps to give a sales pitch, but we were
hoping for more real-life experiences, and, as indicated, that might actually
be associated with or lead to the development of a number of "fool-proof"
laboratory exercises.

Any volunteers or leads are appreciated.  Thanks.


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