Seth J. Davis sjdavis1 at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Thu Dec 12 08:00:45 EST 1996

(This is my reply to a recent spam)

I hope that you know your ARABIDOPSIS loves you, no matter what ARABIDOPSIS
you believe in.  Thank your ARABIDOPSIS for life and ask your ARABIDOPSIS
to let you live as your ARABIDOPSIS would want you to. When we look closely
at ARABIDOPSIS we begin to realize that we all believe in the same
ARABIDOPSIS, we may see ARABIDOPSIS in different ways, but ARABIDOPSIS will
always be ARABIDOPSIS. There can only be one ARABIDOPSIS, and that one
ARABIDOPSIS loves us all, and wants nothing but the best for us. If your in
doubt, just remember ARABIDOPSIS works in mysterious ways, there is a
reason for everything...

ARABIDOPSIS thank you.


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