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Hi folks,
Here's a summary of the replies I've received regarding control of spider mites:

Dear Michelle,

        A while ago I spent an afternoon tracking down the answer to the
same question you asked about AVID to submit to my committee for biological
control of transgenics on campus, as we had problems with accidental
contamination with spider mites also. (I discarded all the plants and
autoclaved everything, waited for 3-4 weeks, and started over.  I had
already used what I needed from the plants, and because we have had no
problems since that time, I didn't need to try AVID.)  I started with the
material data safety sheet that came with AVID, provided by the Weed Science
section of our dept. After phone calls to Puerto Rico (where it is
manufactured or packaged), Maryland (where the headquarters of the company
resides), Texas (where the company opportunes a good-natured person who is
kind enough to direct inquiries to the proper place), and finally North
Carolina (where the agricultural liason for the company does his research on
these products), I came up with an answer from the researcher who had tested
AVID on plants:

1)  This product has been used with great success in many greenhouses.

2)  There is some toxicity at 4 times the recommended dosage in maidenhair
fern and shasta daisy, but not in African violets or poinsettia.

3)  Damage may show up as spots or burns or interveinal chlorosis within a
couple of days.

4)  For most plants tested, there is very little phytotoxicity generally.

If you have any more questions, you may be able to contact Dr. Neil Lapp in
Raleigh, NC (the researcher) at 1-919-846-8303.

 Janet Donahue
 Alscher Lab
 Dept. of Plant Pathology, Physiology and Weed Science
 Virginia Tech


I have used Avid many times on Arabadopsis growing in growth rooms here
without any problems.  A tank mix of Avid and M-Pede(Safer Soap) will need
be applied twice at a three week interval.  An established mite infestation
will always have a few females in diapause somewhere in the growth room.
They will emerge from diapause a few weeks after spraying to re-infest.
Thus the second application is important.  If the infestation is small,
new, and the room is clean then one application can succeed.  I use Avid at
1/4tsp per gallon and M-PEDE at 2Tbs per gallon.  I have used Avid at its
highest rate(1/2tsp per gallon) without problems here but if you have never
used it at your location then it is wise to start with the lowest rate.

Doug Walker
Staff Research Associate
Section of Plant Biology
University Of California
Davis, CA 95616
dewalker at

   Try using Marathon, it's a systemic pesticide added to the soil, REI is
only about 4 hours, and it stays in the soil for months. It has cleared up
our spider mites, aphids, white flys and fungus gnats (and the odd

Matt Geisler
The Ohio State University

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