AtDB, Arabidopsis thaliana Database, Version 4-7

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Dec 19 20:33:06 EST 1996

AtDB, Arabidopsis thaliana Database, Version 4-7

    For those of you that wish to install your own version of the
ACEDB-based AtDB, a new release of AtDB is now available for UNIX and
Macintosh.  Information on how to retrieve and install the database
and software are given below.  The database is also available via the
World Wide Web.

    This release of AtDB, version 4-7, is largely the same as the
previous release 3-6.  The current version employs the latest ACEDB
software, version 4.3, and includes updates of the Colleague and
Reference classes.  However, there have been no updates to the
Sequence class within the ACEDB form of AtDB.  Also note that we do
update, three times a week, the BLAST and FASTA data sets available
from our Web site mentioned below.

    The AtDB project at Stanford is working to create a new database
resource.  This new resource will only be available from the WWW and
utilize fast, and we hope, appropriate presentation of the information
using graphical and textual displays.  An early version of the new
database is present on the WWW and is being updated with new physical
mapping information, YAC and BAC contigs.  This new physical mapping
information is not contained within the ACEDB version.  The AtDB home
page with links to all our resources is at:

The ACEDB form of AtDB uses software developed by Richard Durbin
(MRC-LMB, Cambridge, U.K.) and Jean Thierry-Mieg (CNRS, Montpellier,
France), and with many additions from group around the world.

Follow this link to obtain complete information on retrieving and
installing AtDB:

The AtDB Project Staff
  Mike Cherry, David Flanders, Fabien Petel, and Shuai Weng.

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