MOGEN Promoter Trap Lines released

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Wed Jun 19 06:24:31 EST 1996

Subject: MOGEN Promoter Tap T-DNA Lines released
From: Mary Anderson, NASC

1020 T-DNA lines kindly donated by MOGEN International nv
have been bulked at NASC and are now ready for distribution. 
Detailed information about the individual lines, including segregation 
data, observed mutant phenotypes and GUS staining patterns are 
available from the NASC WWW server (URL= 
The lines are available as pools of 20 lines. The stock code for the 
complete set of 20 pools is N9088.

Before seed can be sent to you it is necessary that the recipient sign a
release agreement with MOGEN. The release form is available from the 
NASC server 
and can be printed out for signing. Simply place your order through the 
NASC server using the special order form 
(URL= for MOGEN lines (or 
whichever way you prefer to place orders), and mail or fax the 
agreement to NASC in order to receive the seeds. If you have problems 
getting the MOGEN release form through the WWW, contact NASC and a 
hard copy agreement will be mailed to you.

A detailed review of the generation and characterisation of these 
lines has been by published by Peter Sijmons in Weeds World.
and is copied and carried alongside the information on the NASC server.

Please note that the Stock Centre staff will be attending the 
7th International Arabidopsis Meeting in Norwich. During this time
seed orders will be received but nothing will be processed until
the 1st of July.

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