Bt gene for sweet potato transformation

Edward A. Weck weck at
Thu May 9 11:23:25 EST 1996

I am forwarding the following message for a colleague in Peru.

Any ideas?		Cheers!		Ed Weck

Dear Ed:

I am very much interested in doing some work on Sweetpotato 
and insect resistance is a major tool. I would like to do some direct
transformation using biolistic approaches, shooting embryogenic callus. 
For this work will be interesting to use a B.t. genes (which produces
endotoxins for the control of coleopteran). Maybe you can help me in 
for research porpoises only, a suitable B.t. construction for this work. 
I am convinced that incorporation of insect resistance into sweetpotato 
cultivars will be a grade impact to solve losses of production in this 
crop, important for many African and Asian countries.



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