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In his message dated 05/23/1996 Mark wrote:

>Does anyone know of a CAPs marker for DMC1 on chromosome 3. 
>Appreciate it. Mark

Dear Mark,
Comparison of DMC1 homologues from Ler and ColO ecotypes revealed the presence 
of 1874 bp transposon-like element within the promoter region of DMC1 
homologue from ColO. The primers ATM1 (TTG ATT AGT GGA TCC GCA AAC AA) and 
ATM2 (GCA ACT GAA TTT GTT TTC GTT TG) reflect this difference and produce 342 
bp PCR product for Ler and 2.2 kb for Col0. ATM2 primer in combination with 
AR2 (TAG ATG AAA CGA GTT TGA CAC ATG) will produce 446 bp PCR band for Col0, 
but nothing for Ler. I hope You will find this information useful for genetic 
mapping in this region of chromosome 3. It described in details in the paper 
submitted to  Plant J (  Klimyuk, VI and Jones, JDG "AtDMC1, the Arabidopsis 
homologue of the yeast DMC1 gene: characterisation, transposon-induced allelic 
variation and meiosis-specific expression of a pAtDMC1:GUS fusion"). 

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