RI lines of C24 x Ler or Col?

Shunyuan Xiao s.xiao at uea.ac.uk
Thu May 30 10:59:41 EST 1996

Dear all,
We have recently identified a disease resistance gene  from C24 using F2 of 
both C24 x Col and C24 x Ler.    However,  disease phenotyping with 
heterozygously resistant F2 and F3 is quite difficult.   We are wondering if 
any group have generated RI lines from C24 x Ler or Col,  and would be  kind 
enough to provide these RI lines to us.   
We would greatly appreciate it 

With thanks,

Shunyuan Xiao
School of biological Sciences
University of East Anglia
Norwich,  NR4 7TJ
Tel: 01603-592192
Fax: 01603-592250

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