CAPS/SSLP markers on ChrII

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> Dear Arabinetters
> I'm wondering if anyone has any information about a possible
> polymorphism for CAPS marker GPA1 (position 47.3 on chromosome 2)
> between WS and Col. Any info would be great.
> Also if anyone has other CAPS or SSLP markers in that region of
> chromosome II they would be willing to share information on I would
> appreciate it.
Both the CAPS and SSLP versions of GPA1 work for Col-Ws mapping. Use
BstNI to digest the CAPS product. The SSLP version (AthGPA1) amplifies
well, but there is only a 2 bp difference between the alleles, and I
have used 12% acrylamide gels. Still, I have had more consistent results
with the SSLP marker than the CAPS marker.

nga1126 is located roughly 2 cM south of GPA1/ER and is a wonderful
marker. Outside of these, I have used phyB, but the regular version
doesn't work for Ws very well. I tried new primers from some reference
that I can't find right now, email me if interested. On the other side,
nga361 is workable, but the primers require low annealing temps. Again,
I have had to use acrylamide gels to score it. (For all 3 of these
markers, Ws=Ler.)
Good Luck
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