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Thu Sep 3 10:52:34 EST 1998

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<P>A post is available in the Bioinformatics Group at the John Innes Centre
in Norwich,
<BR>UK (<A
e post is one of six within the BBSRC-funded
<BR>UK Crop Plant Bioinformatics Network (UK CropNet - <A
<BR>focuses on the comparative genome data of a number of plant species.
The successful
<BR>applicant will be given the opportunity to design and implement software
using novel
<BR>computer techniques and languages. Communication with other bioinformatics
groups in
<BR>the UK and worldwide is also a priority of the project. The post involves
<BR>within three areas:
The development and curation of a comparative mapping database (ComapDB),
which uses the ACEDB (<A
database management software.</LI>

The development of a multi-species distributed computing environment, using
CORBA (<A HREF=""></A>).</LI>

The creation of new software tools and algorithms for the analysis of
genome data.</LI>
Much of the new software will be written for the World Wide Web in Java,
although current expertise in this is not essential. The successful applicant
will have the opportunity to work under his/her own initiative and should
be strongly motivated.
<P>Applicants should have a first degree in computer science or in biology.
A postgraduate
<BR>qualification, particularly in some form of bioinformatics, would be
helpful. Some experience of computer programming is essential.&nbsp; Ability
in one or more of Java, C++,
<BR>C and CORBA programming would be an advantage, as would familiarity
with UNIX, Windows NT, WWW and the ACEDB database.
<P>The appointment will be initially until 31st March 2000. Further funding
of UK CropNet
<BR>until 2003 is currently under review. Appointment will be made at Pay
Band 6 or 7,
<BR>dependent upon qualifications and experience, within the salary range
&pound;13,700 to &pound;19,000 per annum, with these figures currently
under review. The John Innes Centre is an Equal Opportunities Employer
and operates a non-contributory superannuation scheme.
<P><B>How to apply</B>
<P>Application forms may be obtained by writing to the Personnel Officer,
John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, Colney, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4
7UH, UK quoting reference COM/488. Alternatively forms may be requested
by email from the Personnel Officer at "JICPERS at BBSRC.AC.UK". Completed
applications should be postmarked on or before 18th September 1998.
<P>The John Innes Centre is a Registered Charity (No. 511709), grant aided
by the
<BR>Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.</HTML>


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