U. of Delaware/Dupont graduate training

bertrand lemieux blemieux at UDel.Edu
Mon Sep 28 11:24:27 EST 1998

Dear colleague,

We would greatly appreciate your help in bringing a new option for
graduate training to the attention of potential applicants.  The
University of Delaware and DuPont Agricultural Products are now
accepting applicants wishing to do a Ph.D. in Plant Biology and
Biotechnology.  Students will do one rotation for a U. of Delaware plant
biology lab and one in the lab of a DuPont participating scientist.
They will then choose to complete their Ph.D. research at either
institution.  Degrees to be conferred by U. of Delaware.

A complete list of participating UD faculty and DuPont scientists and
application forms can be found at http://www.udel.edu/plants/index.html
.  For further information, contact Bertrand Lemieux (blemieux at udel.edu)
or Allan Shapiro (ashapiro at udel.edu).

Best Regards,

Bertrand Lemieux

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