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University Of Delaware Department of Plant & Soil Sciences
Graduate Student Research Assistantship Positions starting in January

Applicants with B.Sc. or M.Sc. degrees in plant biology, plant breeding,
biochemistry, molecular biology or genetics are sought for the
University of Delaware plant improvement graduate program.  Although we
are about to initiate an industrial internship component to the
departmental graduate program in September 1999 (URL, we have additional funding for up to five
graduate positions through the National Science Foundation Plant Genome
Program.  The selected applicants will be part of a large network of
public sector researchers working on the discovery of gene functions in
corn.  Interactions with researchers at DuPont and other plant
biotechnology companies would take place under the auspices of the
coordinated maize genome program.  We are looking for applicants
starting in January 1999 as well as September 1999.  Our group is
focused on gene discovery for improved grain quality traits,
particularly oil content.  This program is a collaboration with Prof.
H.M. Goodman at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Profs. John
Dudley and Torbert Rocheford at the University of Illinois.

Possible thesis projects

1. Identify gene expression networks in early embryo development using
DNA microarray technology to measure gene expression in emb, dk and fl
mutants of corn as well as Illinois High Oil (IHO) and Illinois Low Oil

2. Identify DNA polymorphisms between IHO and ILO lines using ion-pair
reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatography (IP-RP-HPLC) using
genes with differential expression profiles in emb, dk and fl mutants.

3. Identify embryo development genes whose expression is affected by
drought using DNA microarray technology.

4. Map genes genes with differential expression profiles in emb, dk and
fl mutants in IHO and ILO lines relative to the QTL loci.

5. Identify Mu insertion alleles of genes that map to IHO QTL loci.

6. Use DNA chip technology to map modifier genes in crosses of the IHO
to elite germplasm.

Applications to our graduate program can be done on-line (URL  In addition to the
application to the Office of Graduate Studies, please contact us

Dr. Bertrand Lemieux, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University
of Delaware, 149 Townsend Hall, Newark, DE 19711 USA

tel: 1-302-831-1390 (office) or 831-0593 (lab)
fax: 1-302-831-0721  e-mail: blemieux at  URL

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