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Tue Sep 29 11:33:05 EST 1998

Ph.D. Research Studentship
The Small Subunit of RubisCO in Arabidopsis

Hort Research, Auckland,
The University of Auckland,
New Zealand

A research studentship at the Ph.D. level is available for three years at
Hort Research, in collaboration with the University of Auckland. The
project is funded by the Marsden Fund, which supports basic research in
New Zealand.
The Ph.D. student will investigate the role of the RubisCO small subunits
(SSU) in determining the properties of RubisCO in Arabidopsis. The work
will include the use of new mutagenesis techniques to manipulate
expression of each of the SSU genes. The project will integrate molecular
biology and biochemical approaches with plant physiological techniques to
elucidate the role of the SSU genes.
The studentship carries a stipend of $NZ 20,000 per year plus tuition fees
and consumables for three years. Supervision of the project will be
provided by William Laing and Gavin Ross at Hort Research and Jo Putterill
at the School of Biological Sciences at Auckland University.
Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, and curriculum
vitae, which includes contact details of three referees to Dr. William
Laing, Hort Research, PB 92169, Auckland, New Zealand, telephone
64-9-849-3660, fax 64-9-846-3331, e-mail WLaing at Hort.CRI.NZ.  E-mail
applications are encouraged.
For further information about Hort Research, visit
For the university, the site is

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