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Thu Jan 7 16:53:02 EST 1999

<x-rich><fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>Dear Colleague,

It is time to vote for two new members of the North American
Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC), to replace Rick Amasino and
Daphne Preuss, who have finished their three year term of service.  The
NAASC has several roles, the most important of which are organization
of the scientific program of the International Arabidopsis Meetings,
when it is held in  North America, and serving as liaison between
members of the community and other organizations (including government,
industry and not-for-profit groups).

Candidates who agreed to run for this three year term of office are
listed below.  You are eligible to vote for TWO individuals.

Your vote should be EMAILED ONLY, by Monday, January 18 at 8:00 a.m.,
Eastern Standard Time.

Nominations should be sent to the email address:
busuttil at


KATHY BARTON, University of Wisconsin-Madison

JUDY BENDER, John Hopkins University

PHILIP BENFEY, New York University

CHRISTOPHER BENNING, Michigan State University

STEVE CLARK, University of Michigan

MARY LOU GUERINOT, Dartmouth College

GEORGE HAUGHN, University of British Columbia

VIVIAN IRISH, Yale University

JOE KIEBER, University of Illinois-Chicago

CHENTAO LIN, University of California-Los Angeles

MASSIMO PIGLIUCCI, University of Tennessee

SCOTT POETHIG, University of Pennsylvania

STEVE ROUNSLEY, Cereon, California

JEN SHEEN, Massachusetts General Hospital

ATHANASIOS THEOLOGIS, UC-Berkley, USDA, Plant Gene Expression Ctr

MARY TIERNEY, University of Vermont

RICHARD VIERSTRA, University of Wisconsin-Madison</fontfamily>


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