Second GFP Symposium call for registration

Daniel Gonzalez meton at
Fri Jan 22 11:33:15 EST 1999

                    GFP2 Call For Registration

The second international Symposium on GFP will be held May 22-27 in San
Diego California at the Town and Country Resort Hotel (800-772-8527).

Over 80 speakers from academia and industry have been confirmed to speak at
the meeting.  If you wish to be a speaker and are not on the list contact
me as soon as posssible as I will be organising the speakers for the
meeting.  My e-mail is meton at

Topics ranging from applications of GFP in drug discovery and protein and
organellar trafficking to gene quantitation and gene therapy in addition to
its use as a biosensor as well as many other applications will be
discussed.  A large segment of the academic and industrial research
community developing GFP applications will be represented at the meeting.

Already tremendous excitement for the meeting has forced me to set up an
interactive javascript registration page linked off of the main GFP
symposium page, I have tested
this page with the latest version of Netscape on MacIntosh and Silicon
Graphics computers and seem to have no problems, but you can fax us the
page to the number indicated on the page if you have any problems.

For those of you who missed the first meeting, Universal Imaging
Corporation have placed a summary of GFP1 created by Audrey Ichida on their
website at, this
is an informal summary but appears to be quite accurate, please visit it
when you get a chance.

The GFP revolution continues.
Daniel Gonzalez

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