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My previous message seems to have been chewed up on its way. Hopefully this
one will have my complete address:Ph.D. position is available from October
1999, to work on meristem development in Arabidopsis. The meristem has two
major functions: to maintain a pool of undifferentiated cells and to
allocate portions of these cells to form new organs. A handful of
regulatory genes are known, that keep meristem cells undifferentiated and
dividing, or that participate in the initiation of new organs. Presumably
these regulatory genes control other genes with more direct roles in cell
division or differentiation. The student will work on identifying these
unknown subordinate genes and their activities. The work will address
fundamental questions in plant development that will ultimately help us to
manipulate plant form for economic gain. The John I!nnes Centre is a world
leader in plant and microbial research, with over 700 staff, including 150
Ph.D. students. Apart from having access to  excellent research facilities,
the successful candidate will collaborate with other scientists both within
the JIC and in other European countries. experience in molecular biology
will be advantageous. Candidates of all nationalities please send CV and
three letters of reference to:. Robert SablowskiGenetics Dept. Innes
CentreNR4 7UH Kingdom44-1603-452571 ext. 2530 or 251644-1603-456844mail:
Robert.Sablowski at

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