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As seen in the 16 July issue of Science:

Akkadix Corporation is a rapidly growing, agricultural biotechnology
company using functional genomics, bioinformatics, structural biology,
combinatorial chemistry, and high throughput screening to discover novel
plant genes and agrochemicals. Akkadix also has access to
proprietary plant genes regulating important traits and to germplasms of
major crop species. We are currently hiring a world class research
staff, and we are seeking highly talented, motivated and creative
individuals with a record of accomplishment (publications and/or
patents) for the following research programs:

Gene Expression and Regulation: B.S.- or M.S.-level scientists trained
in molecular biology, with experience in cDNA cloning, DNA
sequencing, in vitro mutagenesis, plant transformation, RNA analysis,
RNase protection, in situ expression of RNA and protein, or phage

Signal Transduction: B.S.-, M.S.- or Ph.D.-level scientists trained in
molecular biology and/or genetics, with experience in Agrobacterium
tumefaciens transformation of Arabidopsis, transgenic screening, nucleic
acid isolation, northern and Southern analysis, PCR, cDNA cloning,
and in vitro mutagenesis.

Parasitic Nematode Control: B.S.- or M.S.-level scientists trained in
molecular biology and/or nematology, with experience in culturing
phytopathogenic nematodes, Agrobacterium rhizogenes transformation,
transgenic screening, phage display, gene cloning, DNA sequencing,
vector and plant transcription unit design and construction, and in situ
gene expression analysis.

Bioinformatics: B.S.- and M.S.-level computer support staff and junior
Ph.D.-level scientists with multidisciplinary skills spanning computer
science and biology, programming in Perl, C/C++, and/or Java, storing
and mining vast amounts of information, lab automation, expression
profiling, and sequence analysis.

Members of our scientific advisory board include Roger Beachy (Donald
Danforth Plant Science Center), Chris Lamb (University of
Edinburgh), Rick Dixon (Noble Foundation), Richard Michelmore (UC,
Davis), Ethan Signer (MIT), and Carlos Barbas. For more information
please visit our web site (http://www.akkadix.com).

Akkadix offers a competitive package of compensation, health benefits,
and retirement plan (401K). We are located only minutes from the
Pacific Ocean near the Scripps Research Institute, Salk Institute, and
UCSD. Applicants should send a cover letter indicating interest in a
particular research program and a CV describing research experience and
names of three references to: Akkadix Corporation, Attn: Human
Resources, 12626 High Bluff Drive, Suite 250, San Diego, CA 92130, or by
fax (858 794-5525).

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