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Genomics Postdoctoral Positions

Andrew Bent a-bent at uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 20 17:59:50 EST 1999


	Several postdoctoral positions ( at UCD, KSU, and UWM) as well as a
technical support (UCD) and a bioinformatics position (UCD) are available
for the above project, recently funded by the NSF Plant Genome Program.

To categorize NBS-LRR encoding genes in Arabidopsis into functional classes.
To identify and characterize orthologous genes in rice and maize.
To initiate detailed functional characterization of members representing
each class in Arabidopsis as well as rice and maize.

	NBS-LRR encoding genes identified in the Arabidopsis genome
sequencing project will be grouped structurally, and will be functionally
characterized in a high-throughput format using ligand-independent
approaches involving either over-expression or gain-of-function variants.
We will use microarrays to determine changes in global gene expression
patterns caused by expression of NBS-LRR genes and will also examine plants
for gross developmental and physiological changes.  The expression array
data will provide an 'induced expression signature' for each gene that will
indicate its function and allow assignment to functional classes.  The
expression signature of known resistance genes will be characterized and
compared to the expression signatures of the unknown genes.
	Homologs representing each functional class identified in
Arabidopsis will be studied in an analogous fashion in rice and maize.
Induced expression signatures for each homolog will be determined using
diagnostic microarrays.  Each NBS-LRR homolog will be mapped onto the
consensus genetic maps for each species relative to a variety of phenotypes
including disease resistance.
	Our global approach will efficiently provide functional information
on approximately 1% of the genes in the Arabidopsis genome and will extend
this information to two crop species.  Our work will define classes of
resistance genes and identify NBS-LRR genes that control processes
unrelated to defense.  The work will promote future detailed studies into
the action of specific NBS-LRR genes and induced downstream genes.
	Applicants should have a strong background in molecular biology and
an interest in genomics approaches to gene function.  Please send cv.s and
name/address information for three references to one of the PIs below.

Richard Michelmore				Scot Hulbert
	Department of Vegetable Crops		Department of Plant Pathology
	University of California			Kansas State University
	Davis, CA 95616				Manhattan, KS 66506
	rwmichelmore at ucdavis.edu		shulbrt at plantpath.ksu.edu

Andrew Bent					Jan Leach
	Department of Plant Pathology		Department of Plant Pathology
	University of Wisconsin			Kansas State University
	Madison, WI 53706			Manhattan, KS 66506
	afb at plantpath.wisc.edu			Jeleach at ksu.edu

Andrew Bent
Department of Crop Sciences	Phone: 217-244-6308
University of Illinois		Fax: 217-333-4777
1201 W. Gregory Drive		Office: 389 Madigan Laboratory
Urbana, IL  61801			E-mail: a-bent at uiuc.edu

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