Introns in UTRs

Frank Hartung hartung at
Wed Oct 13 13:59:16 EST 1999

Hello, my name is Frank Hartung

I work with Arabidopsis genes, sequencing and cDNA end determination. My
question is kind of general but also very special. In some the gens I am
working with are Introns in the 5´or 3´-UTR (in summary I found up to
now 6 UTR-Introns in six different genes). Does anybody has an idea what
such introns are useful for?
I assume they are involved in processing and or polyadenylation control.
In two cases where I found a 3´-Intron there are at least more than two
different pA-sites. So if someone has observed similiar results with
genes in Arabidopsis or elsewhere I would be glad to get some
information about!

Thanks a lot, Frank Hartung

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