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Mike Cherry cherry at
Wed Oct 20 21:20:15 EST 1999

A reminder of what and why we are interested in your feedback.  The
categories in question are those which describe the environmental and
genetics conditions/parameters for the plant that provided the RNA to
probe a DNA microarray.  We will be coding these categories into
relational tables using Oracle's products.  While the categories will
always be public we would like to encourage those interested in
reviewing them this month.  Basically the point of this exercise is
that allow information on each RNA probe to be stored and retrieved
from the database.  We imagine a user retrieving a subset of
experiments, or subset of genes from within this subset of
experiments, following a search for a particular genetic or
environmental parameter.  All heat-shocked plants, or all heat-shocked
plants from a particular ecotype.

We are particularly interested in any reaction from other groups
working on systems to store plant DNA microarray data.  We would
encourage everyone that is considering using DNA microarrays or using
the database we are preparing to look over the file mentioned below.
What questions would you not be able to ask with the current
categories?  What information that you have about type of experiment
performed in your lab would be not capture.

An Adobe file of the categories is available at:

The AFGC's computing is a collaboration between Carnegie and Stanford.


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> Hi All,
> I have posted a new version the Oracle categories.  This version reflects
> the helpful suggestions we have received, thanks again.  Once again we
> invite your critique of these categories.  After November 1st the public
> review of these categories will be closed.  Please send you suggestions
> before then.  All commentary, positive or negative, is welcomed and
> encouraged.
> David Finkelstein
> Carnegie Institute of Washington
> 260 Panama Street
> Stanford CA 94305

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