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<font size=4><b>Opportunities in Plant Metabolic Engineering<br>
</font><font size=4>Post_Doctoral and Technical Research Positions
</b>Plant Metabolic Engineering is an emerging discipline that offers the
promise of designing crop plants to accumulate novel storage compounds. 
A collaboration of five researchers in cooperation with a major US
corporation has been established to perform research in the area of
Oilseed Engineering.&nbsp; Several positions are available with funding
for up to five years.&nbsp; Academic participants are: <br>
<b> John Browse</b>, Washington State University:&nbsp;
jab at<br>
<b> Jan Jaworski</b>, Miami University of Ohio:&nbsp;
jaworsjg at<br>
<b> John Ohlrogge</b>, Michigan State University: ohlrogge at
<b> Mike Pollard</b>, Michigan State University:&nbsp;
pollard9 at<br>
<b> John Shanklin</b>, Brookhaven National Laboratory:&nbsp;
shanklin at<br>
The Collaboration will address a combination of basic and applied
research goals and will integrate this knowledge to optimize the yield of
novel lipids in transgenic crops. <br>
Post_Doctoral candidates with strong backgrounds in Biochemistry,
Genetics, Physiology, Enzyme Engineering, Genomics, Metabolic Engineering
or Cell Biology are encouraged to apply.  Plant Metabolic Engineering is
a growth area in Biotechnology and these positions offer an excellent
opportunity to explore the interface between basic knowledge and its uses
in the area of renewable resource development while working in an
academic environment.  Those accepted into the program will have
available the resources of four of the leading laboratories in this area
in addition to the support of a major multinational corporation.&nbsp;
Additional information about the laboratories can be found at:
<a href=""
Several technical and graduate student positions are also available in
the areas outlined above.  Candidates should have a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in
relevant disciplines and demonstrated technical competence.<br>
Candidates interested in applying for these positions should send a
letter by e_mail to
</font><font size=4
color="#0000FF"><u>oilseeds at</font></u><font size=4
or to one of the individuals listed above.&nbsp; The letter should
outline your interests within the program and include a curriculum
The above institutions are all Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
<div>John Ohlrogge </div>
<div>Professor </div>
<div>Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology </div>
<div>Michigan State University </div>
<div>East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 USA </div>
<div>517-353-0611 </div>
<div>517-353-9399 (Lab) </div>
<div>FAX:&nbsp; 517-353-1926&nbsp; </div>
<div>OHLROGGE at pilot.MSU.EDU</div>


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