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<x-rich>	         <bold>  National University of Ireland,

		   	 <bold> Fifteen Research Positions in

	        Plant Science and Biological Pest Control</bold>

The Institute for Bioengineering and Agroecology (IBA) at the National
University of Ireland Maynooth, is a new institute set up with support
under the Higher Education Authority PRTL initiative, building on a
pre-existing consortium of six academic laboratories at NUI Maynooth.
The IBA conducts research in the following areas: genetics,
development, behaviour and ecology of biological control organisms;
developmental biology, stress physiology and genetic modification of
plants,  and the ecological management of genes inserted in plants or
biocontrol organisms.

Applications are invited for the following c. 15 positions:

<bold>Gene ecology:  Principal Investigator:</bold> 1 two-year post.
>From IR£30,000 (38,092 Euros) per annum.   The appointee will be
expected to bring and develop expertise in predicting  how the
development by pests of resistance to pesticidal genes inserted in
plants may be avoided, and how genes inserted into plants may be
managed for containment.  More: martin.downes at

<bold>Bacterial toxins: Senior Postdoctoral Fellow:</bold> 1 two-year
post. From IR£25,000 (31,744 Euros) per annum

Project: Isolation and characterisation of novel toxins produced by
insect pathogenic bacteria.

Ideal candidate:  a molecular biologist with experience of bacterial
pathogenicity, highly motivated in independent research.  More:
ann.burnell at

<bold>Postdoctoral Fellows</bold> (2 or 3 years):

Up to 6 posts; From IR£20,000 (25,395 Euros) per annum

<bold>1) Chemoreceptor genes : (2years).</bold>  Project:
Identification and molecular 				characterisation of
genes in insect parasitic nematodes.

Preferred:   molecular biologist with experience of transmembrane
receptor research. More: ann.burnell at

<bold>2) Plant Nutrition: (2years).</bold> Project: Nutritional status
of plants exhibiting delayed leaf senescence and modified N

Preferred: experience in plant physiology or nutrition. More:
phil.dix at

<bold>3) Plant based vaccines: (2-3 years).</bold> Project:  Developing
plant based, edible,  oral vaccines. Preferred:  molecular biologist
with experience in vector construction and plant transformation
technology.   More: jnugent at

<bold>4) Chloroplast transformation: (3 years).</bold> Project: Use of
plastid transformation to produce crop plants with reduced pesticide
requirements, and for phytoremediation. Preferred: Previous experience
in chloroplast transformation, or plant molecular biology and tissue

More: phil.dix at

<bold>5) Nematode behaviour patterns: (2 years).</bold>  Project:
Analysis of infectivity  patterns in insect-killing nematodes.
Preferred: experience in invertebrate behaviour. More:
christine.griffin at

<bold>Postgraduate students:</bold>

(a) Up to 6 two-year positions;  IR£8,000 (10,158 Euros) per annum plus
registration fees.   Successful candidates will be expected to register
for a Higher Degree (Biology), working in one of the areas mentioned in
connection with the above posts, or in the behaviour of insect-killing
nematodes in soil.  Applicants should indicate for which area(s) they
are applying.

(b) 1 three-year position;  IR£6,000 (7,618 Euros) per annum plus
registration fees.  This is a Walsh Fellowship joint with Teagasc, the
Irish agricultural research and extension service.  The project is
concerned with devising integrated crop management with biological pest
& disease control in for soft fruits at Clonroche Research Station, Co
Wexford. More: martin.downes at

All letters of application, with curricula vitae and the contact
details of two referees,  to <bold>Professor Martin J. Downes,
Director, Institute for Bioengineering and Agroecology, Department of
Biology, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Maynooth, Co.
Kildare, Ireland.   Fax + 353.1.7083845. </bold>


Dr. Jackie Nugent

Biology Department

National University of Ireland


Co. Kildare


Tel: + 353 1 708-3857

Fax: + 353 1 708-3845

email:  jnugent at



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