Specificity of Categories: pro. and con.

David Finkelstein finkel at genome.stanford.edu
Tue Oct 26 13:09:57 EST 1999

Hi Everyone,

I 've noticed a great deal of interest in becoming as specific as
possible about tissue type and other Oracle categories. Clearly some
refinement is needed, e.g. flowers can be subdivided into petals, sepals,
pistils and anthers and pollen.  However, since the categories are going
to represent experiments that produce polyA RNA some categories will
likely never be used. For example, while root hairs are certainly
critical to plants, I don't expect a pool of Arabidopsis root hair RNA any
time soon.

Also, highly detailed and lengthy category lists may become burdensome for
the database user and for the submitting experimenter.  I wonder if there
may not be empty categories or many catgeories with a single experiment
so that these studies can be as effectively expressed with an abstract.

Rather than make an executive decision about this lumper/splitter
question in house, I'd very much  prefer your opinions.

David Finkelstein

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