Gordon Conference Plant Molecular Biology

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Plant Molecular Biology 'Biological Regulatory Mechanisms'
Gordon Conference
July 16-21, 2000
Holderness School, Plymouth, NH USA
Robert L. Last, Chair and Barbara Baker, Co-Chair

Gene Silencing
Discussion Leader:  David Baulcombe
David Baulcombe, John Innes Center
Shou-Wei Ding, Institute of Molecular Agrobiology, Singapore
Giusseppi Macino, Sezione di Genetica Molecolare, Rome

Signal Transduction
Discussion Leader:  Paul Schulze-Lefert
Peter Quail, PGEC/University of California, Berkeley
Jiammin Li, University of Michigan
Steve Clarke, University of Michgan
Julin Maloof, Salk Institute

Cell Death
Discussion Leader: Jeff Dangl
Jeff Dangl, University of North Carolina
Jean Greenberg, University of Chicago
Keith Davis, Paradigm Genetics
Hong Gil Nam, Pohang University, Korea

Plant-Microbe Interactions
Discussion Leader: Barbara Baker
Barbara Baker, PGEC/University of California, Berkeley
Paul Schultze-Lefert, John Innes Center, UK
Xinnian Dong, Duke University
Doug Cook, Texas A&M University

The Metabolic Framework Of Plant Growth And Defense
Discussion Leader: Clint Chapple
Clint Chapple, Purdue University
Gloria Coruzzi, New York University
Jim Tumlinson, USDA, Gainsville, Florida
Jonathan Gershenzon, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Germany

Abiotic Stress Adaptation
Discussion Leader: Robert Last
Anne Britt, University of California, Davis
Jian-Kang Zhu, University of Arizona
Kris Niyogi, University of California, Berkeley

Development from Cell to Seed
Discussion Leader: Ueli Grossnicklaus
Ueli Grossnicklaus, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland
Sheila McCormick, PGEC/University of California, Berkeley
Anna Koltunow, CSIRO, Australia

Discussion Leader: Steve Tanksley
Steve Tanksley, Cornell University
Virginia Walbot, Stanford University
 Steve Rounsley, Cereon Genomics

Keynote Speaker - Winslow Briggs, Carnegie Institution at Stanford


I encourage you to apply early, since attendance is limited. Application can
be done electronically via the Gordon Research Conference Web Site

Application materials can also be requested by email:
app at grcmail.grc.uri.edu

or mail:
Conference Application
Gordon Research Conferences
University of Rhode Island
P.O. Box 984
West Kingston, RI 02892-0984 USA

Please note that this meeting is called Plant Molecular Biology.

Please contact Rob Last with questions or for further information.

Robert L. Last
Cereon Genomics
45 Sidney Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617-551-8223
Fax: 617-551-1960


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