cDNA exp'n library wanted

Kelly LeFevre kelly at Ag.Arizona.Edu
Wed Jan 5 16:07:12 EST 2000


I'm a graduate student in Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona, and
I'm looking for an Arabidopsis cDNA expression library.  I will be probing
this library with a monoclonal antibody, and the expected targets are 2-3
kb in size.  High levels of protein expression, obviously, are of prime
importance to this research.

I've heard that the libraries available from the stock center don't always
give good results - does anyone have a library that they would be willing
to share?

Tips, tricks, additional information, references, protocols, etc. would
also be appreciated. :)

Thank you very much!!!

Ms. Kelly LeFevre			kelly at
Research Assistant			Fax: (520) 621-7186
Department of Plant Sciences @ The University of Arizona


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