NAASC Elections

Charles S. Gasser csgasser at
Tue Jan 11 12:26:23 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues,

We are soliciting nominations for election of two new members of the
North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC), to replace
Jeff Dangl and Detlef Weigel, who have finished their three year term
of service. The other current members are Steve Kay ('98-'01) and
Chuck Gasser ('98-'01), and Kathy Barton ('99-'02) and Mary Lou
Guerinot ('99-'02).

The NAASC has several roles, including organization of the scientific
program of the International Arabidopsis Meetings, when it is held in
North America, and serving as liaison between members of the
community and other entities such as government agencies.  Membership
is for a three-year period, and the most senior two members serve as

Rules for nominations:

Each scientist working with Arabidopsis in North America is eligible
to nominate up to two individuals who are working in Canada or the US.

Nominations should be sent to


before Monday, January 24, 12 midnight, Eastern Standard Time.

Please only include the names of the nominated individuals in the
body of the letter. We will contact all nominated individuals to ask
them whether they are willing to stand for election.

Detlef Weigel and Jeff Dangl, for the NAASC

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