Additions to New/Updated Sequences Notices from TAIR

Sue Rhee rhee at acoma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jan 18 20:28:24 EST 2000

Dear all,

I would like to clear up the confusion about the new/updated Arabidopsis
sequences notice being sent out by TAIR.

We are continuing to send a message listing new/updated Arabidopsis
sequence entries every week as AtDB has done in the past. However,
when there are more than 300 new/updated entries, this list does not
get sent out (same as AtDB), due to its large size.

However, we thought it would be informative to notify the newsgroup
how many new/updated Arabidopsis sequences there are every week,
regardless of the number of sequences. For this reason, we are adding
the number of new/updated entries on top of the list of entries. For
example, last week there were more than 25,000 updated annotations,
due to a major GenBank release.

In addition to this change, we will start sending the list of new or
updated entries if either of them contains less than 300.

In the future, we hope to modify this system so that each user will be
alerted to things specific to their interest.

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.

	curator at

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Please note that the AtDB project has officially ended and will go
offline soon. It is replaced by TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information
Resource). Please update your AtDB bookmarks to TAIR
( at your earliest convinience.


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