Oxford: 7 Post-doc positions & 10 Ph.D. studentships

Malcolm M. Campbell malcolm.campbell at plant-sciences.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Jan 26 04:35:20 EST 2000

Postdoctoral Positions in Plant Science

The following research positions on the RA1A scale are available

Two positions to work with Professor C J Leaver, FRS.  The first is for
three years and involves an investigation of  the Molecular and Biochemical
Basis of Cytoplasmic Male sterility (ref no PRA/1).  The second is for two
years and concerns the Regulation of Programmed Cell Death following Plant
Senescence (ref no PRA/2).  Applicants should have practical experience in
at least one of the following: mitochondrial metabolism, plant biochemistry,
protein purification, molecular cell biology.

Two positions to work with Professor L A Casselton, FRS.  The first is for 3
years on a joint project with Dr A Brown, Department of Molecular
Pharmacology at Glaxo Wellcome on the Mating phermones and receptors of the
mushroom Coprinus cinereus (ref no PRA/7).  The second is for 28 months and
is to continue work on the project Molecular analysis of an intracellular
signalling pathway required for sexual development in the model fungus
Coprinus cinereus (ref no PRA/3).  Applicants need a good understanding of
fungal genetics and appropriate skill and expertise in molecular biology

One position to work in Dr S J Gurr's group for 3 years on Functional
Genomics of Erysiphe graminis f.sp hordei (ref PRA/4), which is a project
within the wider BBSRC-funded consortium for the functional genomics of
microbial eukaryotes.  Applicants must be skilled in molecular biology

One position in Professor J A C Smith's group to work on the Molecular basis
of metal accumulation in plants (ref no PRA/5).  This is a 3-year project
funded by BBSRC through the LINK programme.  Applicants must have expertise
in molecular biology with particular emphasis on cloning skills and analysis
of gene expression.

One position to work with Dr M D Fricker and Dr R G Ratcliffe for 14 months
on the project In vivo detection of herbicides and their metabolism in
plants (ref no PRA/6).  Ideally applicants should have practical experience
in confocal microscopy.

Further particulars for all posts may be downloaded from
www.plants.ox.ac.uk/ or are available from the Administrator. Applications,
including cv and names of 2 referees and clearly quoting appropriate ref
number, to be sent to the Administrator, Department of Plant Sciences, South
Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3RB (no email applications please).  Closing date: 17
February 2000.

The Department has 10 PhD Studentships in Plant Science available from 1st
October 2000, further information concerning the  studentships, the
Department and individual research groups can be found by following links
from  www.plants.ox.ac.uk usan


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