Graduate Student Position, Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Dr. John M. McDowell johnmcd at
Wed Jan 26 14:52:51 EST 2000

Graduate Student Assistantship, Plant-Pathogen Interactions
Dr. John McDowell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,
Blacksburg VA.

I have an opening in the summer or fall of 2000 for a Ph.D. student who
interested in genetic, molecular, and/or evolutionary aspects of
plant-microbe interactions.  I study the interaction of Arabidopsis with
downy mildew pathogen, and I am interested in how plants recognize
pathogens, how novel recognition functions evolve, and how the
signals are transduced into defense deployment.  Virginia Tech is among
top 50 US research universities in terms of federal funding, and is
expanding in the areas of biological sciences and biotechnology.  My lab
housed in the recently constructed Fralin Biotechnology Center
(  Blacksburg is located in an attractive
mountain setting and contains all of the standard college town amenities
well as exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities
Interested individuals should contact John McDowell, johnmcd at,


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