Rob and Caroline wenbert at
Wed Feb 14 17:20:25 EST 2001

    I guess this is a common problem.  It looks like we are having an
outbreak of Botrytis in our greenhouse.  It also seems to be getting our
plants after transformation with agro. when we need to keep the conditions

>From reading posts and books it looks like we need to spray with Benlate.
We have some of this in the department (5yrs+) but the label is missing.
Anybody able to tell me the application rate (its 50% benomyl) as the Dupont
website only seems to deal in sachets per hectare!!!  It also says not to
use on container plants or in greenhouses!

Should we use an alternative?  If so who makes it and what is it?

Thanks in advance.


bssrcd at


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