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Thu Feb 22 20:34:48 EST 2001


Dear North American Arabidopsis Researchers,

Twenty six individuals were nominated for election to the North
American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC), and the nineteen
below have agreed to stand for election.  Two people from this list
will be elected to replace Chuck Gasser and Steve Kay on the NAASC.
They will join continuing members Mary Lou Guerinot and Kathy Barton,
who are completing their second years, and Peter McCourt and Mike
Sussman, who were elected last year. (for more NAASC details, see my
previous post at:

All North American Arabidopsis researchers are asked to vote for up
to two candidates.  To vote, send an E-mail message with up to two
names of nominees from the list below to: csgasser at, with
the phrase "NAASC Vote" included as at least part of the "Subject"
line.  (Please, submit only one ballot, independent of the number of
different e-mail adresses you might have!).  Votes will be accepted
through Feb. 28, 2001.  Your vote will be kept secret (except to
Chuck Gasser, duly elected to this position of trust, who must count
the votes).

Given the large number of candidates, it is possible that a run-off
election among the top vote getters will be necessary to clearly
define the will of the voting community (the most crucial metric!).
Please bear with us and cast another vote if this becomes necessary.

Please send your votes to csgasser at with the words "NAASC
Vote" on the subject line as soon as you can!

Bonnie Bartel	Asst. Prof.	Rice U., Biochem. & Cell Biol.
Andrew Bent	Asst. Prof.	U. Wisc., Plant Pathology
Caren Chang	Asst. Prof.	U. Maryland, Cell Biol. and Mol. Genet.
Clint Chapple	Professor	Purdue U., Biochem.
Steve Clark	Assoc. Prof.	U. Michigan, Biology
Greg Copenhaver	Postdoc		U. Chicago, Mol. Genet. & Cell Biol.
(soon to be Asst. Prof. at ???)
Jeff Harper	Assoc. Prof.	Scripps, Cell Biol.
Tom Jack	Asst. Prof.	Dartmouth College, Biol. Sci.
Joseph Kieber	Asst. Prof.	U. North Carolina, Biology
Chentao Lin	Asst. Prof.	UCLA, Mol. Cell. and Dev. Biol.
Mannie Liscum	Assoc. Prof.	U. Missouri, Biol. Sci.
Hong Ma		Assoc. Prof.	Penn State U., Biology
David Marks	Assoc. Prof.	U. Minnesota, Plant Biol.
Rob McClung	Assoc. Prof.	Dartmouth College, Biol. Sci.
Alan Pepper	Asst. Prof.	Texas A&M, Biology
Jason Reed	Assoc. Prof.	U. N. C., Biology
Eric Richards	Assoc. Prof.	Washington U., Biology
G. Eric Schaller	Asst. Prof.	U. N. H., Biochem.
Sakis Theologis	Adj. Prof. & Senior Sci.	U. C. Berkeley and USDA, Albany

Best wishes,
Chuck Gasser for the NAASC
Charles S. Gasser, Ph.D.
Section of Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of California
1 Shields Ave.
Davis, CA  95616

csgasser at
Tel. 530 752-1013
FAX 530 752-3085



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