Alexander Kozik akozik at
Sat Sep 8 12:22:02 EST 2001

PhyloGrapher is a program designed to visualize and study
evolutional relationship between families of homologous genes
or proteins. PhyloGrapher is a drawing tool that generates custom
graphs out of the given set of genes. In general, it is possible
to use PhyloGrapher to visualize any type of interactions between
elements you want.

PhyloGrapher is written in Tcl/Tk and optimized for Linux.
Also it works on Windows.

PhyloGrapher is under GNU General Public License and freely
available at:

Screenshot of possible usage may be found at:

After download follow Quick Start instructions to get
impression about program capabilities.

Feedback and comments are very welcome.

Alexander Kozik
Department of Vegetable Crops
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University California at Davis
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