Postdoctoral Position in Triticeae genomics

Roger Wise rpwise at
Sat Sep 8 15:54:24 EST 2001

Postdoctoral Available in
Cereal Genomics and Pathology, USDA-ARS / Iowa State University

The Wise laboratory ( is currently seeking applications
for positions in Microarray of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) &
Molecular Genetics of Disease Resistance Signaling in Barley

A major focus of the Wise lab is the investigation of resistance-gene 
signaling to Blumeria (=Erysiphe) graminis in barley.  We have 
identified 3 families of CC-NBS-LRR resistance gene candidates at the 
Mla cluster and recently characterized the Mla6 and Mla1 
specificities [Halterman et al. Plant Journal, 2001 25:335-348; Zhou 
et al. Plant Cell, 2001 13:337-350].  Candidates will work with a 
team responsible for molecular, genetic, and functional 
characterization of gene-specific sequences associated with and 
required for Mla signaling.  The project will be funded by an 
existing USDA-NRI grant and a recently awarded 3-year 
multi-institutional USDA-IFAFS grant.  Candidates will have access to 
65,000 newly sequenced barley ESTs and an emerging barley unigene 
set.  8,400 60-mers will be designed for in situ synthesis on 
microarray slides and utilized as substrate for parallel expression 
analysis in response to biotic stresses.  mRNA isolated from a large 
collection of recently isolated disease sensitive mutants will be 
used as hybridization probes to assay thousands of expressed 
sequences in response to fungal infection.  Other concurrent projects 
in the lab include investigation of translational control associated 
with candidate Mla alleles, characterization of new Mla-mutant 
specificities, or use of expressed resistance gene sequences to 
identify interacting proteins in the host and/or pathogen in the 
yeast two-hybrid system.  All of the above projects are facilitated 
by our well-characterized, high-resolution, recombinant mapping 
populations, accelerated cell-death mutants, BAC, cosmid, and cDNA 
library resources, and high-throughput sequencing capability.

To Apply: Highly motivated individuals should send curriculum vitae, 
reprints, and references (name, e-mail, address, phone, and fax no.) 

Dr. Roger Wise, USDA-ARS; Department of Plant Pathology; Iowa State University
Ames, IA, 50011-1020; Phone: 515-294-9756; Fax: 515-294-9420; 
rpwise at

Roger Wise, USDA-ARS
Department of Plant Pathology
411 Bessey Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 
50011-1020  USA
Phone:  515-294-9756
Fax:    515-294-9420
E-mail: rpwise at

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